Junk & Garbage Removal Pricing

Our junk and garbage removal pricing is the same for residential and commercial junk. It is charged by the truck size of junk & garbage or by individual furniture items.

The pricing is based on how much room your junk and garbage takes up in our truck when we remove it. Our truck is 5 feet high, 8 feet wide and 12 feet in length.

Our rates are lower than the standard for doing junk removal in Fraser Valley, Burnaby, Langley, Surrey and Vancouver Lower Mainland.

Minimum Pickup Charge …. $ 40

Truck Size …. $ 350 – $ 400

Washer & Dryer …. $ 60 – $ 75

Refrigerator …. $ 60 – $ 95

Mattress …. $ 65 – $ 90

Couches …. $ 80 – $ 100

We do not charge extra fees for the distance to drive to any location.

All prices include labour costs, vehicle expenses, and clean-up or recycling fees.

There are no hidden fees. We guarantee professional and timely service for any size job.

Please request a free quote for more detailed junk and garbage removal pricing, or for any items not listed here.

Do you have questions about what you need removed or disposed of? 

Call Afro Junk Removal Services for a free quote at 604 329 9981.

We remove your unwanted junk, and garbage, and recycle, donate or trash, as appropriate. Our residential and commercial junk removal services are available in the Fraser Valley and Vancouver Lower Mainland.