Carpet Removal & Disposal Services

Stripping a floor of carpeting and removing it can be back-breaking work. We’ll take care of that for you .. and we’ll dispose of the carpet too!

Carpet before removal by Afro Junk Removal
After carpet removal and tidying by Afro Junk Removal
After carpet removal-carpet, underlay, etc. to dump by Afro Junk Removal

Renovating or remodeling?

Do you need your old carpet stripped and the carpet disposed of?

We will pull up your old carpeting and dispose of it. We’ll also take care of disposing of the carpeting, and recycling where appropriate.

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Before, after, off to the dump - Carpet Removal Services by Afro Junk Removal

We Handle Stripping & Removing Old Carpet – Including Stripping From Concrete – And Disposing Of Carpet & Any Other Renovation Debris You Need Disposed Of!

Stripping carpeting from your home or office is backbreaking work! Let us do it for you!

Afro Junk Removal will strip and dispose of your current carpet or carpets and haul away and dispose of the old carpeting along with any other flooring, renovation debris or other garbage you need to get rid of!

Call us today for a free no-obligation quote to:

  1. Strip existing carpeting from flooring, including from concrete.
  2. Remove old carpeting from your home or business, along with any other renovation debris, junk and garbage.
  3. Dispose of your old carpet, renovation debris, junk and garbage for disposal and recycling at the appropriate local facility.

We handle any renovation debris, junk or garbage except for hazardous waste.

We Clean Up Too!

We sweep up and leave the areas where the carpeting and other debris have been removed from clean and tidy.

No Job Is Too Big Or Too Small For Us To Handle

We handle all size home site renovation cleanups and larger construction site cleanup jobs. No job is too big or too small for us to handle.

Carpet Removal & Disposal Services

Renovating or remodeling? Need carpet stripping services? Call us today to have us pull up your carpet and dispose of your carpet responsibly.

Call or text 604 329 9981 or complete the Contact Form at the bottom of the page.

Ameer – 5 Star Customer Review

5-Star Customer Review for Afro Junk Removal

Gloria and Yaw very quick and professional! I also ended up paying less than the initial estimate, as I had a few less items than they anticipated. Highly recommended, would definitely call them again!